The Kiribati Postal Service division of MICT is the national and only postal service provider in the country, providing universal postal services to the Kiribati community under the Postal Service Act (Cap 74 Kiribati Law) and Universal Postal Union (UPU) service regulations. Postal Services transport mail, small packages and parcels to destinations around the world. Postal authorities are also involved in telecommunications, logistics, financial services and philatelic services. Its operations involve in providing domestic and international postal services – receipt, transport and delivery of mail, specialised mailing services, operation of postal facilities and sale of postal products, philatelic and mailing supplies.  

To uphold these responsibilities, Kiribati Postal Services maintain an extensive infrastructure of 4 main Post Offices at Bikenibeu, Bairiki, Betio, Kiritimati island and 23 outer island postal agencies across the Republic of Kiribati.



To be recognised as a leading and successful postal administration unit in the country and the region.



To provide quality postal services that meet the postal needs of the people of Kiribati, by creating and promoting an organisation that are customer focused, uses modern technologies and equipment and constantly develops and improves staff knowledge and competencies.




Ordinary Letter

Both personal and business posting items and documents up to 2kgs can be send as ordinary letters. They may be sealed for no proof of their content is required. Categories of ordinary letter include:

  • Printed Papers - include printed papers, periodicals, books, Newspapers, printed documents, photos or copies. The weight limit of the items is 2kgs.
  • Small Packets - Small packages weighting up to 2kgs can be sent at lower rates as compared to normal parcels
  • Aerogramme - The most appropriate way to convey messages to the person residing in different parts of the world. You won’t need a postage stamp or an envelope while using Aerogramme.
  • Postcards - The cheapest means to convey messages. It’s an open delivery so not suitable for important personal messages


Registered Post

If you need to send your valuable or important document domestically or internationally, Registered Post gives you an added level of security since it provides:

  • Compensation covers damage or loss up to $60.00
  • Addresses must present ID upon collection
  • Proof that the item was send
  • Proof that the item was delivered
  • A special identification number is allocated for Track & Trace

For registration service fee, $1.00 is added on top of postage based on the type and weight of individual mail items.



The most economical and affordable way of sending your items weighting more than 2kgs via airmail or sea internationally. Parcels consist of personal items, commercial items or gift to be sent internationally which shall not fall within the list of Prohibited items in the Post. The Parcel Post features are as follows:

  • Minimum weight limit is 2kgs
  • Maximum weight limit for parcel is 20kgs
  • a special identification number is allocated for Track & Trace.
  • Compensation covers damage or loss up to $60.00.
  • Proof that the item was posted will be obtained.
  • Written proof of Delivery was provided upon delivery of item.
  • Customs declaration forms need to be filled.

When sending parcel out of Kiribati, the Custom Declaration forms (CN22/CN23) and Parcel Manifest (CP72) need to be filled. The forms can be downloaded and are also available at the post office counter.



  • EMS is an international postal Express Mail Service, for documents and merchandise, offered by postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).
  • EMS is our premium door to door courier service available for international that require speedy delivery. EMS connects Kiribati to over 130 countries worldwide and is the main international mail service for documents and merchandise.
  • Customers can send EMS items from any of the I-Kiribati Post’s branches, at Betio, Bairiki, Bikenibeu , Kiritimati and outer island postal agencies, or they can take advantage of the Post’s pick-up service.​


  • Able to track your time from postage to destination.
  • A unique identification number provided.
  • The fastest and safest means of sending your documents and merchandise of up to 30kg (Air freight).
  • Proof that the item was posted will be obtained.
  • A signature is collected at delivery OR Written Proof of Delivery (WPOD) was provided.
  • Customers have to physically present themselves to customs to clear their packages if required by customs.
  • Most cost effective Courier service in the market.
  • Compensation up to $60.00 for damage or lost.

When sending EMS items out of Kiribati, the Custom Declaration forms (CN22/CN23) and EMS label need to be filled. The forms can be downloaded and are also available at the post office counter.


Letter Boxes

Kiribati Postal Services provide mail delivery to letter boxes and offer this service to private and business customers. These letter boxes are available at the four main Post Offices, Bairiki, Betio, Bikenibeu and Kiritimati Island. It a safe and reliable delivery solutions for private and business customers. Customers can choose from 6 types of letter boxes available according to their needs, and require paying an annual rental fee. Also customers can rent a letter boxes at the post office and clear whenever they feel like as many times as possible.

SL No.Letter Box SizeAnnual Rental FeeLetter Box Key Deposit
1Big Size$20.00$15.00
2Small Size$10.00$15.00
3Pigeon hole (Big Size)$10.00No key deposit
4Pigeon hole (Small Size)$5.00No key deposit
5Mobile Letter Box$20.00$20.00

Interested customer wishing to utilise this service, please contact Kiribati Postal Services for any arrangement of this service. Letter Box application form can be downloaded and are also available at any post office counter.


Domestic Money Order

The Kiribati Postal Services also provides financial services known as Telegraphic Money Order (TELMO). Telmo service is used for local money transfer within Kiribati and it is a safe, convenient and simple way to send and receive money without the need for a bank account. The overall process takes less than 24 hours and the recipient can collect his/her money at the destination post office by showing his/her identification card.


Philatelic Service

The Philatelic Service of the Kiribati Postal Services issue and sell commemorative and definitive stamps, first day covers and postcards of national and international events/themes to stamp collectors worldwide. Two to three New Stamp Issues release every year and orders can receive via email or letter. There is no better way of making sure that you obtain all New Stamp Issues of Kiribati than by becoming a Standing Order Account customer and ensuring that your account remains in credit at all times.

For more information on Stamp Programme 2017, Price List, Order Forms and others send enquiry to or download here